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1999 Florida Theatre Conference (FTC)

The whole gang, 1999.

Theatre A La Carte attended the Florida Theatre Conference to participate in the Florida Community Theatre Festival for the first time in 1999. These statewide activities are normally held in Central or South Florida; therefore, few groups from North Florida participate. Consequently, groups around the state know little of our work here in the Panhandle. We decided to change that!

The Florida Theatre Conference includes productions in separate high school, college, community, and children/youth categories. In the community festival, each show has 10 minutes to set up, 60 minutes to perform, and 10 minutes to strike. All sets, props, costumes and instruments must fit into a 10-foot-by-10-foot area offstage. The winning production goes on to compete at the Southeastern Theatre Conference the following March. In odd-numbered years, the winning production from SETC goes on to compete in the national festival sponsored by the American Association of Community Theatres.

In October 1999, we initiated our Studio Series of alternative musicals staged in an intimate setting by producing Falsettos in the East Lobby ("Coffeehouse") at Tallahassee Little Theatre. The small cast and simple physical production made it "portable", and therefore an ideal choice for our first roadshow. Because of the 60-minute time limit, we only performed the second act, which was originally written as the one-act, Falsettoland.

Our group of 22 (cast, crew, musicians, staff, groupies) enjoyed attending workshops and other performances prior to our Friday evening performance. Our show had the largest audience and received the only standing ovation of the community festival. The judges had many wonderful things to say about our performance, complimenting the acting, singing, staging, choreography, and design, and expressed delight at seeing the piece performed. On awards night, the winning play was Venice Little Theatre’s production of Terra Nova, but we didn’t come home empty-handed. Four awards were given in the community festival for Outstanding Performance, and one of those went to Geo Seery for his performance as Jason, whose bar mitzvah is the central event in Falsettoland. Eric Hurst was elected to the Board of Directors of the Florida Association of Community Theatres, and plans were made for Theatre A La Carte to host the spring meeting of this statewide organization in Tallahassee in March 2000.

After the awards ceremony, 1999.


2000 Florida Theatre Conference


The whole gang, 2000 (click for larger view)

In November, 2000, the cast and crew of our production of Assassins traveled to Lakeland to participate in the community theatre festival for a second consecutive year. Six productions competed in the 2000 festival. On awards night, Theatre A La Carte took home three awards, more than any other production in the festival. All-Star Cast awards were given to one actor from each of the competing productions. The All-Star Cast award-winner from Assassins was Krystof Kage, for his performance as Sam Byck. Also, two over-all Outstanding Performance awards were given, with one of those going to Amber Phillips, for her performance as "Squeaky" Fromme. Finally, Theatre A La Carte’s Assassins was named the Runner-Up Production award winner. The first-place award winner was Venice Little Theatre’s Fool for Love by Sam Shepard.

After the awards ceremony, 2000 (click for larger view)


2001 Florida Theatre Conference


Unloading Truck, 2001 (click for larger view)

For our third trip to FTC for the 2001 festival, we performed a condensed version of our just-completed production of Zombie Prom. The large set, multiple costume changes, and a group of 37 people made this our biggest roadshow yet. Four productions participated in the community theatre festival. An All-Star Cast award went to Geo Seery, for his performance as class nerd Josh. In keeping with tradition, our show played to the largest and most enthusiastic audience of the festival. At the annual meeting of the Florida Association of Community Theatres, Eric Hurst was elected to a second 2-year term on the Board of Directors, this time as Vice President. Chris Gorsuch was elected an at-large board member.

We are proud to have had these opportunities to show the rest of the state some of the great theatre we have here in the Big Bend, and to support our statewide community theatre organization.

Cast Backstage, 2001 (click for larger view)


2003 Florida Theatre Conference


For the 2003 festival, we performed A New Brain, immediately following our regular Tallahassee run.   full story with pictures.

2008 Florida Theatre Conference


For the 2008 festival, we performed Nine, which won First Place. Read the full story and view photos from the trip here

2009 Southeastern Theatre Conference


Following our First Place win at the state level, we advanced to the regional competition at the Southeastern Theatre Conference,  in Birmingham, AL, in March 2009, where we again won First Place!  Read the full story and view photos from the trip here.

AACTFest 09


We were honored to be one of the 12 theatres to participate in the 2009 national festival,  AACTFest 09 in Tacoma, WA, in June 2009.  Read the full story and view photos from the trip here.

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